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Hai, My name is Nanisham and I love wallpapers be it desktop or mobile. I just love them. I have created this site for all the many people who love wallpapers just like I do and so is my hubby. I have compiled some of the best wallpapers on this site just when I was working on a project for Yahoo. It is my passion and so I believe should be for a lot of folks like me.

My message: Simple. Follow your dreams, be it feasible or impossible. Just follow it and that is the way to do. Just keep on going till you achieve what you are up to. Remember “Life is short and make the most of your moment” (Even when you’re reading this)

My interests: I love music and painting of all stuff.  I love blue colour and I love my naughty son. I love the sky its vibrant colour, sea its varied shade, trees their cool breeze and rain its soothing stuff and in fact I love nature and who does not anyway. Take some time to stay in contact with nature and let your mobile phone keep ringing until then. Take some time to admire the glory of birth and appreciate all the good things in life.

OK folks! It is bye from NaniSham, but where are you going. Come along with me towards the eternal quest for nature and of course, Ill be adding more of my wallpapers, so stay in touch with me…..


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